The Beatles changed Hubert’s life. After hearing I Want To Hold Your Hand, he begged for a guitar. For his fourteenth birthday, his parents surprised him with a 1965 Dakota Red Fender Mustang. On the den floor of his home in Tullahoma, Tennessee he taught himself how to play and has been in one band or another ever since.

While in Dallas, Hubert formed a group composed primarily of lawyers called the Live Band (having no name at their first gig, they borrowed the one on the invitation – “Live Band”). After a late-night gig, one of Hubert’s band mates suggested he take a shot at songwriting (Hubert’s mother had written songs in Nashville, one of which was a number one hit recorded by Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn).

Hubert’s first attempts at songwriting were frustrating but he kept at it. Ultimately, things started to come together and, over time, he wrote more than twenty-five songs. Sixteen of those original compositions, along with three songs written by his heroes John Lennon and Paul McCartney, were recorded by the Jace Forman Band in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee.  They are featured on original soundtracks matching the books they represent. Each of the soundtracks can be downloaded from iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or your favorite music store. 

"Without Enough Time" performed live on Channel 4 's Nashville Today by: Benji Harris and Risa Binder


Recording session at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.