Who would steal a body from its grave? More peculiarly, why? A night of hard partying leads to a mysterious death for a beautiful UT coed. Cried For No One is a high-stakes courtroom drama where truth is elusive and justice is hard to find.

#3 in Top 10 Wiki - Gripping and Intelligent Legal Thrillers!

A charismatic cult leader and his deranged disciples wreak havoc at the funeral service of a female soldier recently killed in Afghanistan.  Trial attorney Jace Forman seeks revenge for her emotionally scarred parents in a tense courtroom battle where free speech and women's rights fiercely collide.  

Lawyers, Lies, Corruption, Money and Murder!  A father-daughter legal team scheme to keep their fortunes and law licenses, while a local magazine and one of its young journalists frantically fight for their survival battling a "bet-the-company" libel case.