Book Reviews | "Cried For No One"

“Readers interested in courtroom drama and fast-moving thrillers will find much to like here…”
Publishers Weekly
“In the well-plotted tale, the author adeptly explores the complex interrelationships among politicos, the media and various legal and law enforcement professionals…There are a number of thriller chestnuts, too...Well-crafted with an authentic Southwestern setting…”
Kirkus Reviews
“If your preference in fiction leans toward courtroom drama and mystery, you will love Hubert Crouch’s Cried For No One.”
John Seigenthaler, Founding Editorial Director of USA Today and Founder, the First Amendment Center
“Rich with dialogue and well developed characters, the tale reveals surprising twists and turns all along the way...Grab a copy of this book and take a ride through its gripping plot, intriguing characters and shocking conclusion, all seasoned with a hearty dose of Texas flavor.”
Dallas Bar Association
“Crouch spins a compelling courtroom drama…a fast-moving narrative which, interestingly, hinges not on a guilt-or-innocence criminal trial, but on a big-money civil case. He’s created colorful characters by splicing together a motley assortment of tics and traits he’s observed during his 40-plus years of litigating toxic tort, commercial, and personal injury cases.”
Pursuit Magazine
“Characters are well-defined to the point where the reader can begin to imagine actual public figures on which they might be based. Their intriguing relations intertwine with startling twists of events that keep the pages turning straight to a powerhouse Texas size finale. ...Well worth the read.”
The Islander Magazine, Galveston, Texas
“As a former state district judge, I was riveted to the book. I know Hubert as a top-of-his-class trial lawyer — now I know him as a top-of-his-class author. Just as he could effectively present his case in a winning manner to persuade a court or jury, he has used these same accomplished skills on his reader — he captivates, holds our attention and, with all the flair of great suspense writers, weaves a story that you can’t put down. Well worth the read!”
The Honorable Alvin Zimmerman, Former Texas State District Judge
“No doubt about it - Cried For No One is a good old-fashioned page turner.”
Clay Small, Esq., Dallas, TX
“Suspenseful legal thriller with well-developed, compelling characters, riveting plot that hooks the reader immediately, fast-paced, entertaining story with the right balance of detailed description and quick, realistic dialogue....This well-written novel was interesting, entertaining, and hard to set down.”
Merrie Clark, Nashville, TN

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