The Word



A charismatic cult leader and his deranged disciples wreak havoc at the funeral service of a female soldier recently killed in Afghanistan.  Trial attorney Jace Forman seeks revenge for her emotionally scarred parents in a tense courtroom battle where free speech and women's rights fiercely collide.  (Serpentine Books, Trade Paperback $14.99, e-book $4.99)

Reviews of "The Word"


Ezekiel Shaw and his fanatical followers preach a gospel of hate, picketing the funerals of fallen soldiers, and praising God for sending America’s soldiers back in body bags. But when they disrupt the funeral of Second Lieutenant Lauren Hanson, a West Point graduate killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, hard-charging Fort Worth trial attorney Jace Forman becomes determined to put an end to their crazed crusade no matter the cost.

As Jace and reporter Leah Rosen battle the odds and the clock in pursuit of justice and truth in the courts, they draw closer to uncovering a shocking conspiracy—and facing sinister forces that will stop at nothing to keep them from revealing the truth.