Cried For No One



Who would steal a body from its grave? More peculiarly, why? A night of hard partying leads to a mysterious death for a beautiful UT coed. Cried For No One is a high-stakes courtroom drama where truth is elusive and justice is hard to find. (Serpentine Books, Trade paperback $14.99; e-book $4.99)

Reviews of Cried for No One

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In  this best-selling debut, flamboyant Fort Worth trial lawyer Cal Connors is hired by distraught parents after their daughter's body is found beneath an inverted crucifix on the altar of a rural church.  Hard-nosed in the courtroom and well-connected to the local media and judiciary, Cal sues the cemetery for millions.  Hot on Cal's trail is Leah Rosen, a young journalist closing in on the truth and willing to put her career on the line for justice.  Defense attorney Jace Forman takes on rival Cal and won't rest until he finds out who could have committed this macabre crime and why.  With its intriguing characters, shocking twists and turns, and sizzling Texas flavor, this legal thriller will keep readers enthralled until its heart-stopping climax!