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Lawyers, Lies, Corruption, Money, and Murder!  A father-daughter legal team scheme to keep their fortunes and law licenses, while Texas Matters Magazine and one of its young journalists frantically fight for their survival battling a “bet-the-company” libel case.  (Serpentine Books, Trade Paperback $14.99, e-book $4.99).


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Flamboyant plaintiff lawyer Cal Connors sues reporter Leah Rosen, seeking millions in damages for being maliciously defamed in an article she wrote for Texas Matters magazine entitled “Texas Justice Gone Wrong.” In the article, Rosen accuses Connors of perpetrating a multi-million dollar fraud on the Texas jury system, her salacious charges catching the eye of the local US Attorney and causing him to launch a full-scale investigation.  During the investigation, revelations surface that Connors’ law partner and daughter Christine clandestinely entered into an illegal settlement with an insurance claims adjustor, who was forced to flee to the French Riviera where he was subsequently found dead of a suspicious drug overdose.  Cornered and desperate, Connors and his daughter go on a scorched-earth offensive of gruesome murders, a lurid kidnapping and treacherous betrayals to save themselves and the financial empire they have illicitly built.