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“Crouch (Cried For No One, 2013) returns to the high-stakes world of Texas civil litigation with the next Jace Forman thriller....Last assembled in Crouch’s previous novel, the cast is back for an even greater task: challenging the limitations of speech, religion and the First Amendment. Crouch is a fine practitioner of the courtroom drama. He knows just how to bring a legal case to life without having to dress it up or dumb it down. His prose is precise and clear, pushing readers forward with an understated elegance. Characters—heroes, villains and those in between—are fully formed creatures with personal hungers, demons and large helpings of Texas personality. Since pacing is right on point, the pages all but turn themselves as each scene builds on the next, working outward in a spider web of connections, complications and coincidences. The story gets bigger as it goes along, with Crouch keeping it skillfully managed the whole way. Inspired by news headlines, this timely novel illustrates how even the simplest seeming disputes are complex in the eyes of the law. Serving justice, it turns out, sometimes requires a creative strategy.”
“Be ready for a wild ride! In The Word, real life attorney Hubert Crouch provides masterfully connected, multiple story lines that could have been ripped straight from the headlines. Corruption, greed and danger criss-cross with the pursuit of honesty and truth for a page-turning, action packed story. Though this is book two in the Jace Forman series, it absolutely stands alone, though I fully intend to read book one. Crouch is in his element as the courtroom drama unfolds, writing memorable and unique characters – all with a Texas flair – for readers to love or loathe. The writing is high caliber and the story is engaging and realistic, with memorable characters. Top notch.
Readers' Choice – 5 Star Readers' Favorite
“…trial lawyer turns courtroom drama into page-turning novel.”
The Tennessean
“New and notable, The Word by Hubert Crouch…”
Ft. Worth Star Telegram
“Summer is almost upon us. When you’re considering your vacay reading list, remember this topical courtroom drama to help you while away your beach time – but you’d better bring some other books too, because you’ll finish The Word before you know it.”
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