About Hubert


Hubert Crouch graduated from Southern Methodist University School of Law (SMU) in 1976. He earned Order of the Coif honors (top 10%), was elected President of the honorary Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity and served as an editor of the Journal of Air Law & Commerce.

Upon his graduation, Hubert joined Wynne and Jaffe, which merged with the Gardere firm to become Gardere & Wynne. While at Gardere, he represented a national funeral home in the headline-grabbing case involving the theft of a body from its underground crypt. In preparation for the case, Hubert hired retired former FBI psychological profiler, Clint Van Zandt, to analyze police reports and to develop a profile of the person who might commit such a gruesome crime. Although Hubert won the case on a preliminary motion, the disturbing grave robbery was never solved. The case continued to haunt Hubert for years. As a result, he wrote the twisting and harrowing Cried For No One, a fictional account inspired by the robbery.

Hubert continues to practice law while writing ripped-from-the-headlines legal thrillers.

It took Hubert nearly 20 years to finish and publish his debut novel, Cried For No One. During this time, Hubert was practicing law full-time, forming new firms, and juggling a rich personal life filled with friends, family and music. Somehow the busy novelist/lawyer/musician/husband/father found spare moments to write during early morning hours, sleepless nights and courtroom recesses. After nearly 20 years of seemingly endless writing and editing, Cried For No One was published in 2013.

Having learned so much from the publication of his first book, Hubert quickly outlined and dedicated himself to writing his second thriller, The Word, featuring his dynamic lawyer and reporter duo, Jace and Leah. The stirring novel, published in 2015, takes on religious extremism, women’s rights and freedom of speech issues.

Hubert is currently hard at work, writing his third novel, The Weight (working title).

All work and no play is a bad combination for Hubert. While he loves the law and writing, he really loves playing guitar. He’s been strumming since 1964 and played his first guitar, a candy apple red Fender Mustang, in a number of teenage bands. He worshipped (and still does) the Rolling Stones and the Beatles and after graduating from law school in 1976, he formed a band composed primarily of lawyers; they’ve been rocking the 60s at private parties and wedding receptions ever since.

A few years back, one of Hubert’s bandmates suggested that he have a crack at songwriting and since then he’s written and co-written over 20 songs. “Turnstyle,” an EP of some of his songs (and one Beatles cover) is available for purchase on iTunes.

Hubert teacher photo.jpg

Inspired by a lunch conversation with Dr. Kass Kovalcheck, one of Hubert’s favorite former professors at Vanderbilt, he decided to give back to future generations and began teaching at his alma mater, SMU, in 2009. An experienced attorney and novelist, the vivid storyteller and captivating speaker was a natural in the classroom. He decided that he would have the greatest impact on the lives of undergraduates and became an adjunct/visiting lecturer in the Communication Studies department of the Meadows School of the Arts. Hubert taught Free Speech and First Amendment, Legal Advocacy and Public Speaking. In 2012, the students voted for Hubert to receive the Rotunda Outstanding Professor award.