It took Hubert nearly 20 years to finish and publish his debut novel, Cried For No One. During this time, Hubert was practicing law full-time, forming new firms, and juggling a rich personal life filled with friends, family and music. Somehow the busy novelist/lawyer/musician/husband/father found spare moments to write during early morning hours, sleepless nights and courtroom recesses. After nearly 20 years of seemingly endless writing and editing, Cried For No One was published in 2013.

Having learned so much from the publication of his first book, Hubert quickly outlined and dedicated himself to writing his second thriller, The Word, featuring his dynamic lawyer and reporter duo, Jace and Leah. The stirring novel, published in 2015, takes on religious extremism, women’s rights and freedom of speech issues.

Hubert is currently hard at work, writing his third novel, The Weight (working title).